In January 2012, Fiend Projects took over the Designcenter de Winkelhaak exhibition space with
our art festival.Throughout the 3 weeks that the event was on there were exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, film showings, artist talks and more, all designed to expose young up and coming artists and to engage the people of Antwerp in an art extravaganza!

(featuring Michiel van der Born, Sam de Buysscher, Dzia, Mark Goss, Laurens Groven, Gil Guerra, Saskia Haex,
KYLAM, Klaas Van der Linden, Amy van Loon, Steve Locatelli, Lars Moereels, Ailisha Read, A Squid called Sebastian,
David Shillinglaw, Jorrit Spoelstra, Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong and Topo )

(featuring Amatic, Bart Aalbers, Bram de Ceurt, Ingrid De Lugt, Sacha Eckes, Ephameron, Erick Hikups, Jelmer
Noordeman, New 2, Frederick Schneiders, Jan Werkt, Strook, Catarina Aimée Dahms, Alejandra Huerta, Gijs Vanhee, Benjamin van Geem, Marianne Lock and Mazu Prozak)

One Love (Prod Will Sessions) by Elzhi
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