an interactive audio-visual installation by: catarina aimée dahms a.k.a cata.pirata

02.november.2013 | 21.00 – 24.00 hours

with contributions from:

audio: prehistoric futuristic (maximin lavoo & cata.pirata) performances: the sweethearts (amazing agency) technical design: ryan van beurden (le ryan) styling: robbie baauw (amazing agency) vj: ken wolff (wolff independents) concept production: nahuel blaton (aiart) graphic design: lesley moore

the basic premise of cata.pirata’s art project, “future supreme”, is the science fictional thinking of russian painter kazimir malevich (1879-1935).

it is said that, among other things, he made sketches of planets that would be fit for human life and then incorporated them into his work. reflecting on life on another planet is in fact not all that different from reflecting on the possibility of the existence of another world and therefore also the possibility of transforming our existing world. in a way, it’s not really all that different from turning the existing world upside down; in other words, searching for new forms, new expressions and the creation of an alternative future.

south african visual artist and musician cata.pirata has designed an interactive audio-visual installation specifically for museum night based on kazimir malevich’s ‘suprematist’ painting (eight red rectangles - 1915. the work is augmented with a soundscape - created in collaboration with maximin lavoo – that represents the contours of a new future in audio form. the installation (technical design: le ryan) presents the visitor with the opportunity to step into a 3d version of a malevich painting and to interactively contribute to a kaleidoscopic transformation.

visitors will be able to experience a short performance, every hour between 21.00 – 24.00 hours, during which dj maximin, supported by the sweethearts, will perform the prehistoric futuristic soundscape live.

the prehistoric futuristic soundscape “future supreme” is currently available on

future supreme is a collaborative project by cata.pirata - museumnacht amsterdam and the stedelijk museum amsterdam.